You are only as good as your client's website in this business. See for yourself what we can do for you.

NEW/CURRENT PROJECTS: is a dynamically driven site showcasing NASCAR's seven regional Touring Series. All of the content including images can be entered online creating some of the most up-to-date racing news on the internet.

The site features a complex SQL database system for which there is secure back-end section to add and update information.

Ryjo Inc. did all of the site's layout and database architecture and some of the graphic design.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Graphic Design, Database Design, Custom Database Applications, Backend Security System.

Edlen Electrical is an Orlando based company that specializes in providing electricity, air, and water hook ups for conventions.

Ryjo Inc. created Adobe PDF documents for Edlen that automatically calculate estimates online. The client could then print the estimate and FAX it in, or send it via email. PDF documents are ideal for documents such as this because of their precise printing.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Graphic Design, PDF Creation.

Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc.

Commercial Net Lease Realty, Inc is a publicly traded company that buys and sells retail buildings such as restaurants, discount stores, grocery stores, etc.

Ryjo Inc. created an online letter of mutual intent to aid in the buying process.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Online Forms.

Island Breeeze Affililiates, Inc. make authentic African, Caribbean, and other worldly music and performance productions come to life. They are committed to excellence, dependability, and production of unique show quality entertainment at any cost and at every level. You will be amazed at the variety and depth of talent they have to offer.

This site offers an online marketplace and is quite functional for them to use with a backend admin section. We tailor made several database applications including a online proposal system.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Custom Flash pieces, Automatic Forms, Graphic Design, DHTML, and Browser Detection.

The Avenue Garden Hotel is hotel located in the Garden District of New Orleans. Ryjo Inc. outfitted this site with a custom interface as well as a full Search Engine Package. Currently this site has top 40 listings in Yahoo, AOL, Alta Vista, HotBot, IWon, LookSmart, and MSN.

If you ever need a great place to stay right in the middle of New Orleans, give them a call at 1-800-379-5322.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Full Search Engine Package, Custom Flash pieces, Automatic Forms, Graphic Design, DHTML, and Browser Detection.

Ryjo Inc. created this website for a Houston, TX company who specializes in the online sales of supplies for horses, large animals, and other pets.

This site features a shopping cart complete with credit card check, as well as a backend database that allows product prices and information to be updated as needed. has several of our search engine options, and has seen considerable success (100-500 page views/day) within the two months of submission!. Watch this site to grow in the next couple months, as does its Internet exposure!

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes

The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes, one of the Orlando area's premier private golfing communities, utilizes Ryjo Inc.'s services for their website complete with password protected Member's Only section as well as their bimonthly newsletter, and membership directory. Their Services include: complete web site design, digital imagery and desktop publishing.

This issue of their bimonthly newsletter featured The Legacy Club's commitment to nature and showcasing the wildlife including bears! The Club is one of only 14 courses worldwide to have Audubon International Signature Cooperative Sanctuary program status.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Flash menu, Automatic Forms, Graphic Design, DHTML, Browser Detection, and Panoramic Zoom and Pan Imaging


This is an Orlando based company that does laser eye surgery. In fact they zapped the eyes of the President of the Company.

They are extremely happy with the simple interface and the ease with which clients sign up for mailing lists.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Automatic Forms, Graphic Design, DHTML, Automatic Email Distribution, Streaming Video, Browser Detection (no longer active)

South Florida based dotcom company whose Video and Imaging technologies turned the heads of some major hollywood players. All of the web development and most of the software development for was done by Ryjo Inc.

To the upper right is a picture of iviewit's client list. Some of iviewit's clients included:,, Hyatt hotels,,,, and

To the lower right is a shot of Ryjo's zoom and pan applet in the iviewit interface. This applet is capable of full 360 degree panoramic images.

Technologies Incorporated:
HTML, Automatic Forms, Graphic Design, DHTML, Automatic Email Distribution, Streaming Video, Browser Detection

We have much more to show you but we need to spend our time on our clients sites so sometimes ours must suffer. Stay tuned. If you need a more robust client list, email us and we can provide it.